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Finding the right design is the biggest challenge people can face when wanting to build a new home. At POD we have crafted a collection of stunning homes for you to choose from that will suit your site, your budget and your life. If you have any queries in regards to our designs, your site constraints, planning requirements or anything else no matter how big or small, our team are ready to assist. Just call us!

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Once you have selected your POD package, our team will contact you to discuss all your options, proving again that the hard work has been done in ensuring you have access to customising our design even further to suit your life and budget.

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You will pay a 50% deposit and our team will tailor the design to your needs. With our inbuilt allowance of minor amendments, our team will ensure you have customised the design to you and your family’s life. We will then provide a finalised concept package for your review and approval.

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Ensuring you have the right design is half the task, ensuring you have the right price is the other. As we already have our designs pre-costed, you and your builders starting point is not unknown. As such all of your changes should be able to be quickly considered by your preferred builder as they have a pre-costed design to work from. This initial conversation is the most important of the process as it gives you the confidence to proceed to finalising all the documentation required for tendering.

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If Town Planning is a factor, our expert team can assist with co-ordinating any needs that your project require. Unfortunately, as this is too much of an unknown, we must exclude this from our package, but we will certainly will provide you with an estimate for our services to submit an application on your behalf.

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As long as Town Planning is not a factor, and you are comfortable with your builders estimate, the remaining 50% of our package will be paid and our team will finalise all your documentation and co-ordinate all other consultants documentation etc ready for your builder to price and have a contract ready for signing.

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To ensure the entire architectural process is complete and architectural intent is followed through, we can also prepare an interior design package that would include 3D Renders & Materials and Finishes Schedules. This would certainly complete the customisation of your new POD home and give it your personal touch.

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