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What does it mean when it says Plans On Demand provides "custom home designs”?
At POD we have crafted a collection of stunning homes for you to choose from that will suit your site, your budget and your life. But we embrace the opportunity for you to make it your own.
What does the Plans On Demand Package include?

We aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. This is why everything you need to proceed to tendering or applying for a building permit is included.

Our package includes:

Architectural working drawings, reflected ceiling plans (lighting, electrical, heating/cooling), internal elevations, specifications schedule, geotechnical report, structural engineering, thermal assessment (min 7 star), and an endorsed construction estimate.


Every site is different and there may be the need for other external consultants such as; Town planning consultants, arborists, landscape designers or civil engineering, just to name a few. If these are required, we can get a quote for additional services from those vital to progressing your project.

What is pre-costed design? How do you know what the build price will be?

A pre-costed design is a house design that has be assessed by a pool of builders that have previously successfully constructed homes for our clients and has a proven construction estimate provided based on the standard selection of finishes, materials and floorplan within the pre-designed collection of homes.

Alternatively, you may already have your own builder. Then they can provide you with a written estimate based from the POD package provided.

Can my Plans On Demand design be built by any builder I choose?
They certainly can. We have no agreement with any specific builders, and we encourage you to undertake your due diligence and have as many conversations as needed. Conversely, we can certainly recommend many reputable builders in your area that we have worked with previously and would provide a wonderful experience for you and your project.
How will a Plans On Demand design be adjusted to my land and how much time is allocated?

As previously outlined, we have an inbuilt allowance to amend our pre-designed specifically to your site and your brief.
Changes allowing for site constraints (trees, crossovers, setbacks etc), orientations, or sloping sites will be considered and required for compliance for planning or building permit submission.

In addition to modifying each design to your land and orientation, we have included 2 days of our teams’ time for further specific amendments. This will allow you to make non-structural changes like relocating doors and possibly walls, and other items like material changes or colours.

What about changes outside of those allocated in the POD package?

If you require changes greater than those allowed for in our 2 day timeframe, then we will provide you an estimate of hours and provide you with a fixed fee to include within your package.

If those changes require amendments or additional work from our structural engineer, energy assessor or any other consultants outside our package, we will obtain a quote accordingly for your approval.

What will a Plans On Demand package cost me and what is the process?

POD’s collection of architecturally considered homes are less than half cost for an architect designed custom home. In addition we include structural engineering, energy assessment and an endorsed construction estimate.

Once you have selected your preferred design, and we have undertaken a site consultation and assessment, you’ll be required to pay a 50% deposit when you sign your agreement with us.

We will then prepare any amendments to your design and provide a preliminary concept package within 3-4 weeks (or agreed deadline) to which you will then be asked for the remaining 50% to enable us to finalise your full set of documentation to send to your builder or submit for a building permit.

What do I need to do before purchasing my Plans On Demand Plans?
We just need to you to provide a feature and levels survey from a land surveyor and any property information relating to your site. If you don’t have one, we can arrange a quote on your behalf from our network of trusted consultants.

Any other specific issues with your site we can address at Step 2 – the consultation stage.

Can I use my Plans On Demand design and associated images/renders to market or sell my land?

Yes, you most certainly can. These renders and floor plans make a great marketing tool and because we are making the process easier for you, we encourage you to promote our brand accordingly. If the design is to be sold with the site we can easily transfer ownership to the new title holder.

If you haven’t found the information you require, feel free to give the Plans On Demand team a call and we can assist with any queries you may have.

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